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There are many different views of these types of organizations involving college life. The only way to determine if a fraternity or sorority life is really for you is to go and explore the community house, you will most likely find the students there easily communicative about their organization and will reveal to you what is required from you to belong to the organization. 

Basic misconceptions about fraternities (called frats) frat houses are known for their beer and their women - this is not the case with every fraternity, while it may be true for some there are others who are truly proud of their organization with in the school. Another misconception is that if you join a frat you will loose your individuality - there is no one that can change you only you can change your self, if you choose to remain strong while a member of any social organization you will always be an individual not just a member or follower. Some people believe that frat boys think they are better than everyone else - this misconception only comes across to the people that feel that the fraternity (or sorority) organized members have to much confidence in who they are. 

The members stories of organization, the extended feelings of a family while they are on campus all give each individual involved a sense of self worth, wanting to meet the expectations of all the students that came before them and that will come in the future. Long after college - fraternity and sorority brothers and sisters generally keep in touch with each other because of the sharing of similar values, thoughts and ideas in living which is similar to the life long friendships that can be made in the dorm life - close living creates close associations. 

To many who are unfamiliar with fraternity life, a requirement to become a member of the organization will be that you must make it through rush week. This means that you place a statement of interest in belonging to a fraternity (or sorority) and you will be required to meet other standards for the fraternity of your choice. Choosing a fraternity - should be based on walking in the door of the home, feeling welcomed and comfortable- not because that is where all the jocks hang out. 

Some Fraternities handle themselves in different manners when discussing hazing and being accepted in the fraternity. Hazing can be detrimental and serious to students wanting to enter in to the fraternity and must be kept under a morally and social conscious. People can be hurt or killed if an organization wishes to violate the law and have students that are rushing the houses performing stunts that are beyond the accepted levels.

However, as always college, kids will be college kids, and accidents will happen inside and outside of the Greek System just the same as in and out of the dorm systems. The change from being under your parents wing, to being completely free is a difficult one, and each can only hope students will become more and more prepared as well as responsible for their actions. 

The fraternity and sorority systems are not for everyone. Many students that belong will tell you that they have just as many friends outside of Greek life as they do in it. Give fraternity life a chance; if it really interests you visit around during rush. If you don't like it don't give it a second thought, its not for everyone, if you do great, give it a shot, but don't put too much stock in it, take it for what its worth - an organization of college students with a special meaning to each house.



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